Outlook prompts for user id and password after migrating to Exchange 2013


1. Logon to Exchange 2013 CAS Server.

2. Open IIS 7.0.

3. Locate virtual directories for Autodiscover and EWS (Exchange Web Services) under default website.


4. Select EWS.

5. Select authentication.

6. Set status DISABLED for  Anonymous authentication.


7. Select Windows authentication, click ADVANCED SETTINGS, select ENABLE KERNEL-MODE AUTHENTICATION. Click OK.

8. Repeat Steps 5-7 for Autodiscover.

9. Go to command prompt, run IISRESET.

10. Close and re-open Outlook client.


source : https://garzafx.com/2014/05/05/fix-for-outlook-20102013-prompts-for-user-id-and-password-after-migrating-to-exchange-2013/