Chrome not rendering pages on a remote Windows 8 or 10

As a solution, you can right-click on your Chrome shortcut. Select Properties. Now copy the value in the Target field. Press Windows Key and search for cmd.exe. After opening the command prompt, type cd into the window. You will have to right-click to paste the value you copied from the properties tab. Delete chrome.exe from the end of that line, but do not forget to leave the quotation marks after you do so.

The text to the left of the > should change to what you had in quotes after cd. You need to make sure Chrome is not running in the background before entering the next command. You can do this by opening Task Manager and making sure Chrome is not listed. If you see a lot of Chrome entries, ending the one using the largest amount of RAM should kill all the others without you having to stop them one by one.

Now copy the following and press enter. chrome.exe --disable-gpu